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MNTD. is a new brand created by RAKwireless ( RAK ) solely focused on making crypto-hardware accessible to everyday people. RAK is the same company that.

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Helium Miner Offline. If your Helium miner is offline. Check your internet connection. Make sure that your miner is close enough to the Wi-Fi access point so that it can stay connected. Use a speedtest application on your phone to determine which Wi-Fi network - 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz - is faster and more reliable. sd card is not corrupted. with old fw connections are good (using dmz, because other unit in network is using port forwarding). One static IP from ISP. Similar behavior wired and wifi. Hotspot gets IP and diagnostics accessible via BT. issue not related to location assertion. sd card is not corrupted. with old fw connections are good (using dmz.

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When your Miner is relayed , the listen_addrs is p2p-circuit, depends on the Miners connecting to you, it may be very slow and a lot of timeout can be seen in the log. Your Miner may have caught Your <b>Miner</b> may have caught beacons from many other <b>miners</b> but can't send the witness out due to timeout..

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If you happen to own a RAK Wireless miner , such as the RAK 1.5, RAK v2, MNTD. Blackspot or an MNTD. Goldspot then it’s likely you need a Blackspot or an MNTD. Goldspot then it’s likely you need a replacement SD Card.

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Rak Hotspot Miner V2 For Sale. There’s a new kid on the block when it comes to Bitcoin mining and it goes by the name of Rak Hotspot Miner V2 . Created.

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